4 Typical Dating App Red Flags of Cheaters and Players

Protect yourself from people with harmful intentions on dating apps. Learn online dating red flags of cheaters and players down below.
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4 Typical Dating App Red Flags of Cheaters and Players

Dating sites are a playground for cheaters players and people who have bad intentions. These types of people damage innocent people's emotional and psychological well beings intentionally. And what's even worse is that they especially detect naive and lonely girls. Unfortunately since these types of men know exactly what to say to steal your heart you can easily fall for them. Hence knowing online dating app red flags and noticing warning signs will protect you from heartbreak and emotional damages. We'll guide you on online dating red flags and what to do to avoid them. Let's dive in.

1. Controlling the conversations: These types of people like to be in control because they are hiding their relationships and intentions. So they will initiate most of the conversations and want to continue chatting only. They won't send too many photos or give too much information on their dating profile. They probably don't have anything on their bio.

2. Not meeting in person: Since they are hiding a significant amount of information they will be reluctant to meet in real life. Even if they do they will want to do it in private probably home or a little cafe that is far from the city center. They will not introduce you to their friends no matter how long you have been talking. They will want to have a long distance relationship instead of meeting face to face.

3. Being secretive: Obviously! Cheaters and players will be evasive try to avoid questions and will answer your questions with questions. When you ask something personal they will be sketchy and try to change the topic. They will conceal their identity or pretend to be someone else.

4. Being hard to reach: They will probably won't return your messages and calls all the time. They will be 'busy' during weekends and evenings in general. They will make excuses like his battery died or he had a business meeting. But this just means they have to be with their partners whom they cheat.

In short

You may stumble into a people whose intention is to harm you on dating sites. They will do and say anything to impress you and steal your heart. They will make themselves seem like a victim because of their ex relationships. You will sympathize and let your guards down. But you should always keep your distance and protect yourself as a priority no matter how much you trust a person. Now that you know some obvious red flags you can protect yourself. For more check us out.

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